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Department of Polymer Science and Engineering

Department of Polymer Science and Engineering

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Polymer science and Engineering is one of the principal fields dealing with the synthesis, processing and applications of polymeric materials for use in information technology, biotechnology, nanotechnology and environmental technology.


The Department was founded in 1968 in response to the rapid development of the petroleum industry and the polymer industry since the end of World War's. The department has 6 professors who are specialized in various areas of polymer science and engineering. So far 811 students have been granted the bachelor's degree in polymer science and engineering, 221 have been given master's degrees, and 26 individuals have been awarded the doctoral degree. All graduates are now actively working in industry, in the academic field, or in research institutions.


Since World War II, polymeric materials have been the fastest growing field in the chemical industry. There are five areas of application for polymers; 1) Plastics, 2) Rubbers and elastomers, 3) Fibers, 4) Surface finishes and protective coatings, and 5) Adhesives. The need for polymer and scientists and engineers in this field made it possible to establish the Department of Polymer Science and Engineering. Since its establishment in 1968, the department has been growing fast. Many students who graduated from this department have played important roles both in industry and in the academic field. The department not only provides up-to-date education but also has a state-of-the-art research program. Undergraduate students receive a B.S. degree in Polymer Science and Engineering. M.S. and D.Eng. degree in polymer science and engineering are also provided for the graduate students.

Undergraduate/Graduate Program

The undergraduate curriculum of the Department of Polymer Science and Engineering consists of basic engineering, chemistry and polymer and science courses. The graduate curriculum provides the students with theoretical and practical research and experience through the entire field of polymer science and engineering. The Department has a large number of up-to-date analytical instruments such as DSC, NMR, GPC, IR, UV, Injection molder, Brabender mixer, Fluorescence spectrophotometer, Plasma glow discharge apparatus, etc. These instruments are used not only for the characterization of advanced polymeric materials but also for cooperative research work carried out between the Department and various industries, with the aim of developing advanced polymeric materials and extending the field of application.