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School of Mechanical Engineering

School of Mechanical Engineering

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The School opened with the registration of 30 students in March, 1969 to promote modernizing and to develop the industry of our nation as a link line in the chain of the policy of the Government. From that time till now for about 35 years, the school has made efforts steadily to cultivate highly qualitative engineers and researchers through deep and wide theoretical study and practical education to develop the latest techniques in the field.


The Department was established in 1969 in line with government policy of industrial development. To fulfill the request to be a technologically advanced society, the department of mechanical design engineering was established in 1993. In 1995, the present school of mechanical engineering has been re-established for a better education and research environment by integrating the above two departments.


The School has made unchallenged achievements in the fields of education, research, and social service accomplishing many projects with government and world-wide industries. As a result, an excellent reputation for central government and industries was given to our school. Currently, the school has 20 faculty members (1.5 SCI(E) journal papers/person/year), 95 graduate students (31Ph.D. course students and 64 M.S. course students), and 494 undergraduate students under three divisions: thermo-fluid, material/design, and automation/manufacturing engineering. Up to now, we have graduated 39 Ph.D.'s in addition to 355 M.S. and 2000 B.S. degree recipients.

Undergraduate/Graduate Program

The School of Mechanical Engineering at Kyungpook National University has been selected as a world class graduate school in the BK21 Project with the Department of Mechanical Engineering and Industry of Pohang University of Science and Technology. BK21 Project is managed by the Ministry of Education(MOE), Republic of Korea, to nurture the creative leaders of high technology in this world of knowledge-based society of the 21C. With this project, our curriculum will be rearranged to underline the growth of creativity of graduate and undergraduate school students. Graduate school students will get constant assistance in a financial way, the quality of education will be uplifted with new staffs with great ability, the research facilities will be renewed continuously, a cross registration system will be much used for expeditionary research, and stress will be given to improve the research ability of Korea. All told, everything is focused to educate creative students who will lead Korea's future in the technology field. At the same time cooperation between basic industries and this university will play a great role to progress the development of technology and will contribute to elevate international competitiveness. Our BK21 Project Unit will take the front in leading the education and research in the field of mechanical engineering with constant effort.

The school of Mechanical Engineering of Kyungpook National University has been selected as a medium-scale project of Digital Mechatronics with the Department of Mechanical Engineering of Pohang University of Science and Technology and the Division of Computer Applied Mechanical Engineering of Yeungjin College. The NURI Project is an ambitious national drive implemented by the government to reinforce the capabilities of local universities by producing high-quality human resources to meet the demands of private enterprise. Our school shall receive support for five years on a continuous basis in a lump-sum package which includes wages, operation costs, equipment purchasing fees, scholarships, and repair costs.

With this project, we will provide necessary human resource for the regional Mechatronics related industry by an innovative education programs that reflect regional characteristics. Our school will play a pivotal role in the formation of networks between local industries and the research institutes of Kyungpook area in the process of forming collaborative ties with related organizations. The NURI Project will reinforce the competitiveness of the School of Mechanical Engineering among local universities and eventually accelerate the drive for confirmed excellence in education and in research capacity.