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경북대학교 공과대학장 야경
College of Engineering

The College of Engineering at Kyungpook National University (KNU) was founded in 1970 and has expanded to a large scale

Founded in 1970
The College of Engineering at Kyungpook National University (KNU) was founded in 1970 and has expan-ded to a large scale since then. During the meantime, however, the School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science was separated from the College of Engineering on March 2005. Therefore, the College of Engineering currently consists of three Schools and six Departments with 117 faculty members and 30 staffs. There are approximately 4,360 undergraduate and 890 graduate students enrolled in the College as of Jun 2013.
Supplying Highly qualified Engineers
The College is committed to providing education and supplying highly qualified engineers to government, indu-stry, and research institutes. The educational programs are focused on understanding fundamental principles, practical experience, as well as computational and analytical methods.
Educational and Advanced Research Environments
In recent years, the College has received extensive funding from government and various industries. Therefore the College is able to serve educational and advanced research environments, thus providing students with the diversified opportunity of integrated practical experiences, along with theoretical background knowledge.

Since 2002, many international students have enrolled in the College to pursue the degrees offered in the Graduate Program. They come from many countries around the globe, including China, Vietnam, India, Malaysia, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, and the Phili-ppines.