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The Department encompasses programs in the practical and theoretical aspects of materials, their utilization in biomaterials, chemical and electrochemical materials, computational materials, electronic, magnetic and optical materials, and structural materials. As of July 2013, there are 8 faculty dealing with various fields from metal to information materials and 2 staff members.


The Department was born in 1969 as part of the college of liberal arts under the recognition of country's necessity for internal heavy industry. It was reorganized as part of the college of engineering together with a new establishment of a college of engineering in 1970. Our academic programs have been developed around broad and basic phenomena, applied to all the major classes of artificial materials - metals, glasses, ceramics, and semiconductors. The Department is scheduled to merge into the School of Materials Science and Engineering (comprising Department of Inorganic Materials) on March 2007. As of April 2005, there have been 1289, 288, and 40 students with Bachelor of Science, Master of Science, and Doctor of Philosophy degrees.


Faculty and student research ranges from pure science to applied studies and involves perspectives of chemistry, physics, electronics, artistic and historical aspects of materials, design, and entrepreneurial ventures. The undergraduate and graduate programs integrate our faculty strengths across the four cornerstones of the field: structure, properties, processing, and performance. Our program is dedicated for students to bring out originality and find out their talents through educating the next generation of materials experts for every industrial sector, as well as providing leadership and humanism together with flexibility of thinking and a positive attitude to create change.

Undergraduate/Graduate Program

The undergraduate program is designed to provide a strong background in Materials Science and Engineering. The course work is composed of understanding structures, processing and properties of materials to provide comprehensive knowledge in materials fields including materials science, thermodynamics, phase transformation and in application fields including advanced materials, solidification, materials design, electronic materials, and semiconductors.

The graduate program is composed of special emphases on metallurgy and electronic materials. Research in the graduate program is subdivided mainly into structural materials, surface engineering, materials design, material processing and welding, solidification process, materials reaction, nano-structure materials, electronic materials and nano-processing, thin films and materials characterization.