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Department of Architectural Engineering

School of ArchitectureDepartment of Architectural Engineering

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The Department was founded in 1982 as the Department of Architectural Engineering and was renamed the School of Architecture in 2002. There are two areas of study to cultivate people of talent for architectural design and engineering. The Department of Civil Engineering will be incorporated into the School of Architecture and Civil Engineering in 2007 according to the Brain Korea 21 Program that specializes in the prevention of disasters. Our department has a professional curriculum enough to correspond to international engineering education and to the Accreditation Board for Engineering Education of Korea.


Each area of study, architectural design, architectural and civil engineering, can attain the object for making a better architectural environment for society when they are joined together. The Department not only educates students in architectural engineering professionally and teaches them each area harmoniously, but also creates the place where they can cooperate in related areas on equal terms. In the future, we intend to branch out in various areas related to architecture according to personal aptitude and ability. The School offers a variety of degrees including Bachelor of Science, Master of Science, Master of Architecture, and Doctor of philosophy with a specialization.

Undergraduate/Graduate Program

The objective of the architectural engineering program is to provide education to student so that the graduates are well prepared to enter the architectural engineering profession as well as to begin graduate studies in engineering. This program provides great breadth in core sub-disciplines and depth in at least one area of specialization.

The graduate programs in architectural engineering are to provide the students with the background required for professional practice in the chosen field of study and to provide more depth and breadth in his/her field. The doctor of philosophy program in architectural engineering is the achievement of independent and original research work leading to significant advancement of knowledge in the field of architectural engineering.