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Department of Applied Chemistry

School of Applied ChemistryDepartment of Applied Chemistry

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Applied chemistry is one of the principal fields dealing with the chemistry of materials, which are processed and used in all industrial fields. The Department provides a wide range of instruction and research including organic, inorganic, and organic/inorganic hybrid materials used in industry, medical and bio applications, as well as materials related to informatics, electronics, mechanics, food, and cosmetics.


The Department of Applied Chemistry, since its foundation in 1969 as one of the original members of the College of Engineering, has provided a great number of students with an opportunity for high-quality education and research in the field of applied chemistry. The department has demonstrated excellency both in teaching and research activities, thus contributing a major role for this university to be ranked in the best ten universities throughout the nation. As a consequent acknowledgement, the Ministry of Education selected this department as one of the recipients of the BK21 project in 2003. With the aid of financial support through BK21, the department has been able to equip the graduate students with more competent chemist or chemical engineer. This has become possible in conjunction with the fact that the department can have access to a wide range of modern research equipment belonging to this department or the Center for Instrumental Analysis located on the campus.


The Department provides a range of instruction and research, in both applied and pure chemical fields, leading to the B.S., M.S., and Ph.D. degrees. In addition to the basic required courses for the fundamental principles of chemistry, advanced courses and research opportunities that are available for students in this department are divided into three major areas: applied organic, inorganic chemistry, andnano-materials chemistry. For the furtherance of advanced chemical knowledge, techniques, and equipment, a group of analytical chemists in the Department is supporting both teaching and research activities.

Undergraduate/Graduate Program

The departmental program is designed to provide students with knowledge not only of fundamental principles of chemistry including physical, organic, inorganic chemistry, and instrumental analysis, but also of areas of applied chemistry. These include petroleum chemistry, heterogeneous and homogeneous catalysis, inorganic materials, organic materials, chemical engineering, polymer chemistry, unit operation, surfactants, fine chemicals, colloids, and nano-structured materials.